New Fireplaces

Fireplace Builder and Construction Contractor Marin County.

If you have a fireplace in your home or building already there is no need to convince you of it’s usefulness.  From heating your home naturally (in the case of a wood burning) to setting the ambience or tone in your restuarant or dining hall.  A beautiful fireplace makes for a more luxurious and relaxing experience for all.

Fireplace construction is much more than just stacking some brick and mortar or river rock…  It’s an artform, that takes several years of training to learn, and decades to master.

Stonemasons that specialize in building fireplaces and chimneys must also understand the complexities of fire, heat and smoke and how it translates to a good or bad experience for your home or building.  There are many details in fireplace design and construction that make a difference in how your fireplace looks and performs.

New Custom Fireplace Construction Marin County

  • Masonry Fireplaces
  • Speciality Brick Ovens
  • Stone Fireplaces
  • Fireplace Hearths and Surrounds
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Fireplace Design and Consulting

Who Builds Custom Fireplaces in Marin County?

Sierra West Construction is a full service fireplace and chimney construction contractor based out of Marin County, California.  We specialize in building custom fireplaces out of masonry and stone along with fireplace design, chimney design and chimney construction too.  From transforming a single fireplace in your home to building fireplaces into every home or room of a new luxury development, Sierra West Construction can come up with a workable solution for you.

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